Imo-Fumi has the flavor of sweet potato without using sweet potato. The fibers of sweet potato are imitated by shredded kombu, a kelp, which is mixed with bean paste.

Hokkaido Butter Rich

Hokkaido Butter Rich is made of two cookies sandwiched together with rum raisin cream. You can experience the flavor of rum raisin in perfect harmony with cream and cookies.

Hokkaido Jaga Butter Tart

Hokkaido Jaga Butter Tart features using potato paste. Fine ingredients such as the potato called Inka no mezame and clarified butter produce the rich and moist taste.

Jaga Butter Sweet Potato

Jaga Butter Sweet Potato is a sweet treat made from mashed Hokkaido potato blended with clarified butter. You can enjoy its moist taste and clarified buttery flavor.

Potato Butter Cookie

Potato Butter Cookie is made from Hokkaido wheat and cheese. This product has characteristic rich butter aroma and crunchy texture like potato.

Potato Cheese Cookie

Potato Cheese Cookie is made from Hokkaido wheat with cheese and potato. lts crunchy texture and rich cheese aroma make this cookies special.

Hokkaido Milk Sablé

This product represents image of vast dairy land in Hokkaido. Made from Hokkaido wheat and milk. "Cow stamp" on the sable.

Hokkaido Corn Chocolate

Compressed corn puff stick coated with white chocolate. Widely popular as a gift from Hokkaido. Very famous at overseas market as well.