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NIHON SHOYU KOGYO K.K., established in 1944 under the name of “Kikko Nihon,” has been appreciated by customers all over Hokkaido. NIHON SHOYU KOGYO K.K. has maintained the production of authentic soy sauce preserving its traditional taste since its creation 70 years ago. We, all the employees, foresee the changes in society, continue to renew our facilities and introduce cutting edge manufacturing technology in order to deliver top quality products to our valuable customers. Kikko Nihon founded in Asahikawa has sold products to customers satisfaction in Hokkaido as one of leading soy sauce manufacturers in Hokkaido.
Kikko Nihon appreciates your continuous support. Thank you very much!

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1-1-302, Akebono, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan


【Soy sauce mixed with hard clam extract】

Hard clams from Akkeshi, which has the largest catch of hard clams in Hokkaido, are used in this sauce. It has not only the savory “umami” of hard clams with a refreshing taste.

【Soy sauce with onions】

Kitami, city ranks top in Japan for growing onions. Over 40% of the sauce contains onions grown in Kitami. It’s a good accompaniment for meat dishes, such as hamburgers and salads as a dressing.

Hokkaido Kombu Dashi
【Hokkaido Kelp Stock】

Containing a good quantity of Hokkaido kelp: good for cooking chawanmushi (an egg dish containing ingredients including as shrimp, chicken and vegetable, all steamed in a cup). The sauce is also base for fried rice and clear soup. The stock has a delicate aroma, and is attributed to the flavor of high-class Japanese restaurants.

【Dressing with burdock】

About 35% of the dressing contains burdock grown in Abashiri and Kitami areas in Hokkaido. The flavor of burdock emerges. Combined with Ponzu vinegar makes a perfect dipping sauce for shabushabu, a type of Japanese hot pot and Rissotos.