About us

We, Nambu, are located in Asahikawa, the center of Hokkaido, and specialize in manufacturing and selling chinmi (Dried seafood). Our products are sold not only in Hokkaido but also in many nationwide stores that carry Hokkaido products. We offer products rich with only the highest quality fresh seafood carefully selected in Hokkaido to destinations all over Japan and overseas. Please enjoy our chinmi with alcohol, tea or just for a snack.



Hokkaido New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal 2
Western Powers (Asahikawa)
Asahikawa Western Kawabata (Asahikawa)
TEIRUNTEIRU (Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa)
Eki-Naka (JR Asahikawa station, Asahikawa)
Michi-no-Eki Asahikawa (Asahikawa)


Our friendly staff members welcome you with great chinmi.


Saketoba Slice
【Sliced Salmon Jerky】

Fresh natural autumn salmon is dried in a salt breeze and then sliced in order to make it easier to eat. This is perfect with tea and sake, rice wine.
Keep refrigerated.

Shelf life: four months

Hotate KunyuZuke
【Smoked Scallops in Oil】

Smoked soft scallops in oil.You can enjoy soft scallops with a great flavor.The scallops are perfect for salad and marinated dishes. Individually vacuum-packed.

Shelf life: four months

Ikasumi Sakiika
【Squid Ink Shredded and dried squid】

Squid jerky with squid ink. Shredded and dried squid flavored with squid ink. With a savory and peculiar sweetness you can taste the rich flavor of squids. One of our best-selling products at Hokkaido fairs.

Shelf life: four months

Mentai Sakiika
【Shredded and dried squid flavored with seasoned cod roe】

You can experience the savory taste of squid combined with the spiciness and popping texture of seasoned cod roe. Enjoy with ice-cold beer!

Shelf life: four months